Dressing for Autumn is Exciting

  With Fall introducing itself, we say goodbye to shorts and tanks, and hello to the cute comfy clothing we’ve all been waiting for.

  In the Fall, each and every person has their own ideas for clothing and favorite looks.

  “My favorite Fall clothing look would be wearing a sweater and jeans or a sweater and a skirt,”   sophomore Isabella Frasz says. 

  New fashion trends continue to surface and come to life with each new autumn season, although some people might prefer cozy over fashion. 

  “It really depends on the event,” Frasz says. If we are just staying at home, then I would like to be comfy. But if we are going somewhere, for instance, like the the pumpkin patch, I want to dress cute.”

  As you take a deeper look at the specific articles of clothing, you see which brands and styles teens like to wear.

  “My go-to shoes for Fall are either my sperry boots or uggs,” Kaylee Fleming says.

  Teens dress up all times of the year, but they love to find out different preferences about which time of the year is the best.

  “I would rather dress up for Fall because the clothing is so much more laid back, cute and cozy,” Fleming says.

  Trends come into play with the new holiday season, some better than others. Which is most popular?

 “A clothing trend I would expect to see this holiday season is a cute blazer with nice Doc Martens,” says sophomore Kaylee Hendock.

  Along with the new, cute trends, you also have old trends that teens would all be happy with seeing them leave.

  “I would love to see earmuffs leave,” Hendrock says. “They are so pointless and not cute looking. I would also not keep scarves around, as I have never seen the hype with them.”

   Cloverleaf High School students will continue to wait to see the Fall trends. Dressing cute and comfy, whether it’s to go to a pumpkin patch, haunted house, or even going to see a scary movie, fashion is always a big part of Fall and how to have fun.